Metering Units
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Metering Units
2016 Stock

Metering Units - AS1243, AS1675, AS6004.1, AS60044.2, IEC and other international standards

Manufactured to Power Authority Requirements-
Pole or platform mounting,
415 volt to 33000 volts,
5 Bushing with CTメs in A & C phases, 6 Bushing with CTメs in A, B & C phases,
Class 0.5M for revenue metering - 0.2M on request
Tested to Australian Standards. NATA Tested on request.

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  • Available 5 or 6 Bushing (2 or 3 Current transformers)
  • Category A or category B or category A/B
  • 3 Phase or 3 single phase Voltage transformers up to
    Vf1.9/30secs up to 200VA/phase to AS1243 or AS/NZS60044.2 (generally class 0.5M) Current transformer ratios up to 1200/5 classes from 0.2 to AS/NZS 60044.1
  • Multi ratios Current Transformers are also available
  • Can be provided with additional protection current transformers
  • Surge Protection brackets provided
  • Primary and secondary fuses provided to suit utility specification
  • Oil sight glass provided and High grade oil utilised
  • Hot dipped galvanised 5mm steel tanks used with draining facility
  • Rating plates & brass wiring diagram plate provided as standard
  • Designed to suit All Utility requirements
  • Routine test reports provided as standard - NATA test reports are optional
  • Refurbishment and Recertification
  • Dry type metering unit

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