Circle-C Electrical Industries Pty Ltd formerly Cadwallader Engineering has been producing transformers and associated electrical equipment for over 50 years. Circle-C Transformers specialise in the efficient supply of high quality products for the industry and are currently in the process of introducing a quality control system to international standards.

Endurance Engineering, a company started by Mr Tom Cadwallader in 1934 is where Circle-C Transformers (Cadwallader Engineering) originated, following the sale of Endurance to the W R Carpenter group in 1948. Endurance was instrumental in producing the first high voltage neon transformers in Australia and produced a large number of parts for radio transmitters during World War 2. The company was eventually absorbed into the Tyree Westinghouse Group of companies, which is now owned by Asea Brown Boveri (ABB).

The Cadwallader’s left Endurance in 1950 to start Cadwallader Engineering, (now Circle-C Electrical Industries Pty. Ltd) trading as Circle-C Transformers, and during the last growth phase acquired Australian Transformer Industries and Willis Transformers. These acquisitions added to the broad based skills of the company, allowing Circle-C to be able to manufacture and market a broad range of products that are briefly detailed within this capability brochure.

Circle-C Electrical Industries Pty. Ltd. specialise in a large range of transformers, reactors, voltage transformers (oil and dry types) oil filled metering units, current transformers, inductors, rectifiers and other electrical equipment for Low and High voltage applications that the others cannot or do not want to produce.

We look forward to giving you the customer, continued reliable service now and into the future.



4 Montore Rd
(PO Box 5230)
Minto NSW 2566, Australia
T: 61 2 9824 5433
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